Event Achievement


AAVS Shenzhen is a series workshop previously AAVS Beijing. In 2020, ran 6 consequent daily workshops by 7 faculty members, fully benefit from being online, participants were be exposed to experts of computational design from all over the world from 9 different countries.

Under the agenda – new infrastructure hub – AAVS ShenZhen investigated the application of data driven/ computational design methodologies in the design of new infrastructure hub prototypes in ShenZhen.


With another challenging year 2021 ahead, architects and urban researchers are asked to deny and re-define the past order of society. Whether living Un-tact or redefining home and office, we all are aware that lifestyle and space will be transformed. AA Visiting School Seoul respond to the changes that architects are faced to intervene, focusing on the theme, “Mutation”.

올해로 15회를 맞이하는 BIM컨퍼런스로서 AEC 산업에서 BIM의 부상, 지속 가능한 설계 및 BIM, 제조 및 건설, 분석, 매개 변수 및 사용자 정의, 실용적인 BIM, 미래의 BIM, 시각적 프로그래밍 및 기타 흥미로운 주제를 다루고 있습니다. 건축 산업에서의 BIM과 기술에 대한 새로운 접근 방식을 경험하실 수 있습니다.

Keywords: AEC, BIM

한국어 플레이리스트

2020 DigitalFUTURES 한국어 워크숍입니다. 총 6일 동안 이루어졌던 워크숍이고, 파이썬과 타입 스크립트 코딩 기초를 배울 수 있으며, 컴퓨테이셔널 지오메트리의 구현 그리고 디자인 시스템의 파이프라인에 대해서 엿볼 수 있는 수업입니다.

Short Description:
This is a hands-on workshop and lecture series about the Introduction to Computational Design for Data and Geometry Visualization for Digital Mapping on Web. For those who are interested in developing both the ideas and skills of data and geometry visualization to understand the data in architectural or urban contexts, this workshop is yours. The workshop consists of three key parts: (1) processing and visualizing data (2) constructing geometries (3) developing a pipeline for an interactive mapping system. Using HTML canvas and ArcGIS JSAPI, we are going to understand the holistic process and the pipeline of data and geometry visualization and mapping. In the workshop, key coding demos and related lectures will happen, and coding exercises with the boilerplate code will be followed as homework after the workshop.
Computational Geometry, Visualization, Urban and Architectural Data, web-based


Our relationship in local or global network, whether its physical relation or virtual relation, are changing with the attack of COVID 19. Travel across the international border are reduced by 90% and group meetings are minimized by sizes and chances. Global contacts are all shifted to virtual world, while people work at home or locally during quarantine. This will change local activity and territory. This tendency questions how the city’s usage pattern and form will change in the near future. To foresee urban changes in post pandemic era, we try to redefine and delineate local territory as a first step.

Cultural Impact

date: 2019. 6.24-7.1.

Title: Cultural Impact

Key Word: Digital Design and Fabrication


Content: 국민대학교 건축학과 주최 2019년 국제 디지털 건축 워크샵
Tutor: 성우제, 이규환, David Shanks, 송진영

Title: Collision-Based Dynamic Graph method

Research for clustering point data in digital mapping


This article states a clustering algorithm for dynamic points at different zoom levels on digital mapping. Urban, landscape, or architectural designers could use this methodology to represents data as visual groups or to reveal insights from data while interacting data directly, on the stage of analysis and decision-making process.

Keywords : Digital mapping, Clustering points


This course will cover the basics and advanced techniques needed for the visualization of design as a form of videos and images, visualizing design (architectural, urban, landscape) using modern CAD(Computer-Aided Design)software(Rhino, 3ds max, aftereffect, Unity), the class aims to offer students hands-on skills in these aspects:

· 3D modeling, mapping, rendering for image· animation, effecting for video· advanced skill (scripting and automation for optimized representation process)·interactive and immersive Representation for environment and data visualization

During the course, the objectives are both to understand the process of design representations in digital media, and to produce videos as a final assignment based on the sample work.